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Handling real estate properties and various retail products for most of her life, Joisce Abiera jumped industries just a little over two years ago in April 2015. She used to help clients protect properties and goods, but she now finds herself assisting them in protecting themselves financially. This is what we call insurance.

We invited her to tell us more about insurances and how we, too, could protect ourselves. Read on to know more!

Joisce, tell us more about insurances. What are they and is there only one kind of insurance?

Insurance is a significant financial tool to protect and secure your and your family’s future by transferring an individual’s risk of losses to the insurance company.  It is a protection coverage for damage, loss, illness, death, or return of premium payments, depending on the case or type of insurance product that you have.

There are generally two kinds of insurances: life insurance and non‑life insurance. Life insurance can further be divided into two classifications: traditional and variable. Traditional Insurance is purely life insurance while Variable Insurance is life insurance with an investment component. Variable Insurance gets you protection coverage and allows you to grow your funds at the same time.

Non‑life insurance is basically an insurance policy to protect an individual against losses and damages other than those covered by Life Insurance. The coverage period for most non‑life insurance policies and plans is usually one year where premiums are paid on an annual basis such as for automobile or property loss or damage.

What are the benefits of getting an insurance?

Insurance is the basic, most significant part of your investment portfolio. It is a significant tool for Retirement Plans, Estate Planning, Mortgage Redemption, Asset Protection, Wealth Building, Business and Employee protection coverage among others.  It serves a great purpose in fulfilling your and your family’s needs in life, business, finances. Isn’t getting an assurance of protection for yourself and for the people who matter to you the best benefit you could ever get?

The insurance will surely help protect me and family. How do I purchase an insurance policy?

In purchasing an insurance policy, you can easily set aside a minimum of ₱1,500 every month and get a lifetime of protection while you grow your money at the same time. It is a basic and important need for you to secure and protect yourself and your family should possible circumstances take place. Nowadays, insurance policies are very affordable and should be taken advantage of. There are a variety of insurance options available today. There is even a low annual premium which could provide you with life‑long protection while allowing you to earn through the investment fund of your choice. Definitely a win‑win situation for you, right?

Most of the time, we find ourselves investing on various products, properties, and gadgets. A new technology is marketed and we find ourselves eagerly waiting for its release. We search and search for things we want to put our money on when we sometimes even forget the things (and people) who really matter the most. If we can invest on these things, then there’s even more need to prioritize investing and protecting our own lives.

Ms. Abiera may have been doing this for only two years now, but she has made it her personal advocacy to share the idea of saving, investing, growing one’s funds, protecting and securing individuals and their families. She is dedicated and passionate about assisting people in achieving the kind of lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Aside from being a Licensed Real Estate Broker, getting people to ensure their future fuels her passion for financial fitness.

We are so excited to announce that Ms. Abiera is offering to provide free financial advice to our readers! To get in touch with Ms. Abiera, you can send an email to [email protected] or visit her website at or call her directly at 0915‑513‑5000.